Full-Body Pregnancy Simulator

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By interchanging various parts, procedures including external examination of gravida, internal examination during intrapartum period, practical obstetric assistance, perineo-suture of soft birth canal laceration, palpation of fundus uteri during puerperal period, and breast care can be practiced. Each model is
made of lifelike materials for realistic practice. Obstetric assistance in supine position and other assumed positions (free-style position) can also be practiced.


Obstetric Abdominal Palpation Model

  • Representing 36th to 40th weeks of pregnancy.
  • Visual diagnosis, palpation, abdominal measurements according to Leopold’s Maneuvers, monitoring of fetal heartbeats, and breast care can be practiced.
  • Reorientation of the fetus provides diagnostic training in various fetal positions and the stability of the fetal presentation. Heart rate of fetus can be adjusted between 80 and 180.

Vaginal Examination Model

  • Bishop score (dilation, extension, hardness, position of cervical canal) in the period between late pregnancy and childbirth can be confirmed.
  • The descent of the fetal head can be adjusted by replacing three stages of the uterus dilation models and fetal head model. Diagnosis of delivery progress with these models can be practiced by vaginal examination.
  • Fetal head rotation can be confirmed with devised position of sagittal suture and posterior fontanel of fetal head model.

Obstetric Model

  • By changing positions such as supine position, hands and knees, lateral and standing, the fetal model can be rotated according to each position giving several positions for delivery practice. (Free-style delivery)
  • Laceration of velamen can be detached into three parts, and the inspection of placenta and confirmation of intact velamen can be practiced.
  • Materials for the soft birth canal and perineum provide extensibility
  • This makes possible the practice of emergency breech extractions.

Perineo-Suture Model

  • By confirming the laceration site and level of soft birth canal, preparation and Perineo suture can be practiced. Clip is also applied.

Puerperal Uterus Palpation Model

  • By replacing four kinds of puerperal uterus models (normal and abnormal conditions on the first day, normal conditions on the third day and on the fifth day), the diagnosis of daily uterus recovery conditions can be practiced through palpation and measurement of the abdominal area.

Breast Model

  • Basic training in breast care such as palpation of breast and nipple, inspection of breast mobility, massage of nipple can be practiced.
  • The flexibility of the breast and mammary glands allow breast mobility to be easily checked by palpation.