Life/form® Pelvic Examination Simulator Set

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Life/form® Pelvic Examination Simulators are designed to facilitate the teaching, demonstrating, and practicing of pelvic examination for tumor detection.
This Life/form® product consists of a set of two simulators. Each simulator is identical in outward appearance, as each was made from the same mold. However, the palpable internal structure differs.

One of the simulators is considered “normal” and contains normal ovaries, cervix, and uterus. The other “abnormal” simulator has an ovarian cyst; the ovary has a solid tumor, and the uterus is indicative of leiomyoma uteri.

Bony landmarks and normal and atypical organs are anatomically correct in size, shape, texture, and location. The tumor and masses are also placed to ensure anatomical accuracy, and they are texturally realistic.

Palpation and manipulation with hands and fingers in and on the internal and external genitalia, abdominal wall, ovaries, and uterus can be performed with very realistic tactile experience. These simulators are intended for digital examination only; use of a vaginal speculum is not recommended.
The Pelvic Examination Simulator Set includes two simulators (“normal” and “abnormal”), instruction manual, lubricant, glove, and two hard carry cases. Three-year warranty.