About Us

In order to be well-trained, doctors, radiologists, nurses and the medical fraternity in general, need accurate, strong mannikins and models on which to practice medical techniques and procedures. All our models are anatomically accurate and carry a guarantee of between one and five years enabling students to practice over and over again.

Our extensive range of quality guaranteed medical training products include Emergency Training; CPR/trauma  and Rescue Manikins; Clinical Skills models, Geriatric Nursing Skills Training dolls; Simulators for Obstetric Birthing; X-ray and Ultrasound; Anatomical and Nutritional Models; as well as Educational charts. 

Exciting new state-of-the-art radiology mannikins both adult and pediatric, promote realistic learning opportunities and X-rays. Obstetric mannikins enable students to palpate an in-utero fetus allowing lecturers to create realistic emergency scenarios. Geriatric dolls and Stat manikins provide a wide range of learning opportunities from diagnosis of melanomas, diabetes, simulation of a cardiac arrest or heart attack, to IV injections or catherization.

A BBB-EE accredited company, we aim to market the best in quality medical health training simulators, anatomical models, skeletons, CPR and Rescue dolls, and medical charts. We supply universities, nursing colleges, hospitals, training institutions, schools and individuals. We also advise in the setting up of University Medical Skills Laboratories supplying simulators and teaching models to Emergency Medical Services, Nursing Colleges, Hospitals, Training Institutions and the Private Sector throughout Africa.

With a progressive vision for the development of up-to-date and informed health care training within the African context and our international network, overseas training and extensive consultation with local universities and doctors, we are able to work together with clients towards new product development, as in the case of our circumcision training models. 

The Covid epidemic, has put a greater emphasis on nutrition. Dieticians have been using our extensive range of realistic food replicas and informative charts, to promote good nutrition and portion size with replicas such as proteins like meat or soya, as well as carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, nuts and more.


Our vision is to help improve the quality of life of all people by supplying the best medical training products and simulators for innovative health care education. 

We believe that knowledge promotes freedom.