About Us

We have a progressive vision for the development of up-to-date and informed health care training within the African context.  Through an international network, overseas training and extensive consultation with local universities and doctors, we are able to work together with clients towards new product development, as in the case of our circumcision training models. 

Mindful of the importance of teaching adequate nutrition, we also have an extensive range of realistic food replicas and informative charts.

Our extensive range of quality guaranteed medical training products includes emergency training equipment, CPR/trauma  and Rescue manikins; clinical skills models, geriatric nursing skills training dolls; X-ray and obstetric birthing simulators; anatomical and nutritional models; educational charts and multimedia training DVDs. 

We also advise in the setting up of University Medical Skills Laboratories supplying simulators and teaching models to Emergency Medical Services, Nursing Colleges, hospitals, training institutions and the private sector throughout Africa.