ESD(Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection) Training Model

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This resinoid model represents almost similar figure of human stomach, and can be used for the training of ESD. Considering the operability of endoscope, the transition part, from esophagus to stomach is made of soft resin. By setting a real dissected stomach of porcine at the area where ESD is supposed to be executed, very similar feeling of human stomach wall can be recognized using endoscope.


  1. The training can be started simply with the combination of this resinoid model and dissected porcine stomach.
  2. Very realistic and similar feeling to the actual treatment.
  3. Perforatoin procedure which never be performed during the actual treatment can be experienced while recognizing the risk of treatment with realistc feeling.

Practical Training

ESD Training mainly for following area

  • Vestibular anterior wall
  • Vestibular posterior wall
  • Greater curvature at gastric angle
  • Lesser curvature
  • Greater curvature in the gastric body