Gluteal Intramuscular Injection

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A series of techniques, including injection needle insertion and drug solution injection, can be practiced.


  • Realistic model for intramuscular injection practice.
  • Since the textures of the model’s muscle and skeleton are very similar to those of a human body, this model helps training for selection of the correct injection region. When the wrong region is attempted, an alarm will sound.
  • The sensation of needle insertion is very realistic. This reduces the anxiety students tend to have in clinical practice.
  • Other training simulations, such as syringe infusion, can also be performed.
  • Since this simulation model is very realistic, training for deciding on the injection region and the needle insertion angle can be easily and realistically performed.
  • The injection site and skin can be easily replaced.

Name of Each Part

① Front panel
② Switch panel
③ Battery Box
④ Drainage connector (Left)
⑤ Drainage connector (Right)
⑥ Drainage tube (Left)
⑦ Drainage tube (Right)
⑧ Alarm speaker
⑨ Injection site (Left)
⑩ Injection site (Right)
⑪ Alarm sensor site (Left)
⑫ Alarm sensor site (Right)
⑬ Epidermis

Injection Site

  • The correct injection site is located near the center of the upper right quadrant and 1/3 the distance from the iliac crest.
  • The correct injection sphere is 5 cm in diameter, which is the approximitation of the subcutaneous panniculus adiposus and the panniculus.
  • The iliac crest, iliac spine, anterior superior iliac spine, anterior inferior iliac spine, trochanter major and pubic bone can be palpated.