Male Catheter Model Type Ⅰ

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A series of techniques such as balloon catheter insertion, fixation and removal can be practiced. The presence of a balloon in the bladder can be observed.


  • This life-size model is designed for training in catheter insertion on adult males.
  • Made of a special silicone rubber, the skin is extremely soft and realistic.
  • As with a real male, balloon catheter insertion encounters resistance. All practices, from catheter insertion to removal can be performed with this model.
  • The model moves exactly like a real human penis, so practice holding the  penis stationary may be performed.
  • The side and back of the model, urethra, and bladder are all transparent, enhancing instruction by enabling full visibility of catheter insertion and the presence of the balloon inside the bladder.
  • The urethral canal is formed in such a realistic manner that if the penis is not raised to the proper position, insertion becomes more difficult.

Name of Each Part

① Leg
② Penis
③ Abdomen
④ Urethral exit
⑤ Scrotum
⑥ Acrylic stand
⑦ Urethral tube
⑧ Prostate
⑨ Bladder
⑩ Balloon catheter