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  • Nurses, both in hospital and community settings, are expected to provide help and advice to a wide range of patients whom at some time during their care experience difficulties with normal bowel function
  • This model has been developed for nurses performing rectal examination to assess the amount and consistency of stools in the rectum
  • Model is designed to be placed on its left side for examination in the left lateral position
  • Administering solid rectal medication


  • Buttocks with rectum for digital assessment of different types of stools
  • Interchangeable stools can be easily placed in the rectum
  • Representation of nine types of stool ranging from soft to hard
  • Thirteen laminated photographs of differing bowel conditions are also included. These are for visual reference.
    • Haemorrhoids 1
    • Haemorrhoids 2
    • Fistula in ano 1
    • Fistula in ano 2
    • AIDS – anal warts
    • Rectal prolapse 1
    • Rectal prolapse 2
    • Haemorrhoids – external
    • Squamous cell carcinoma
    • Chron’s disease – anal tag 1
    • Chron’s disease – anal tag 2
    • Pilonidal abcess
    • Prolapsed vagina


  • Set of 9 Stools
  • Anal sphincter
  • Conditions (set of 13 photographs in folder)
  • Anus and anal canal
  • KY jelly
  • Instruction manual
  • Rigid carrying case