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The SMART STAT patient simulator offers practitioners at all levels of health care the opportunity for education, evaluation, teamwork skills development and testing. This wireless, tether-less 75-lb. (34 kg) adult trainer operates through Bluetooth® technology. Simple Pocket PC (PPC) screens make this an intuitive tool for educators, who can operate SMART STAT within five minutes. Programming skills are not necessary. PPC and necessary programming included. SMART STAT’s rugged construction stands up to military use, at home and abroad, and the simple replacement parts assure economical use and dependability. Use the battery feature for portability or plug it into a wall outlet (110 or 220 AC).

SMART STAT’s features include:

  • CNS head with cholinesterase inhibitor toxicity signs: light reactive eyes that can be set to three sizes and/or nonreactive conditions, tears, nasal mucus, foaming mouth, ETCO2 discharge, and prerecorded voice sounds (including vomiting)
  • Lips and fingernails with cyanosis and CO flushing
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Bilateral B/P and IV arms
  • FAST1® I/O access in the manubrium
  • External jugular catheterization
  • 5-lead ECG monitoring & defibrillation
  • Urinary catheterization with new interchangeable genitalia
  • Abdominal sounds in four quadrants
  • Fluids onboard, including IV blood and urine output
  • Each distal pulse point can be shut down to emulate vascular difficulties or disease states
  • Lower left leg battery — up to 31⁄2 hours of operation per charge (extra replacements recommended)
  • Updated Manikin Data Editor (MDE), Windows® 7, and Vista compatible
  • Optional: five line monitor, I/O lower leg, amputated lower right leg and lower left arm with bleeding and response to correct tourniquet application.
  • Wireless microphone for instructor dialog