Life/form® Auscultation Trainer and Smartscope
Heart and Lung Sounds – A major breakthrough in auscultation training!
Life/form® Ausculation Trainer and Smartscope Features:
Invisible Auscultation Sites
No Internal Speakers
Completely Wireless
Palpable Landmarks
Heart and Lung Sounds Vary at Different Sites
Remote Controlled
Hard Storage Case Included

The instructor selects from a menu of heart and lung conditions by wireless remote control. The Life/form® Ausculation Trainer and Smartscope Manikin presents itself as a real patient without visible auscultation sites. The student must palpate to identify correct auscultation locations, and will hear different heart and lung sounds as the Smartscope is moved to different locations on the manikin. A diagnosis of the condition selected by the instructor can be made by comparing the variations in sounds occurring at different sites. Just like a real patient!

Lung sounds can be detected at five anterior, 10 posterior, and two midaxillary locations. Students can practice auscultation at six anterior heart sites. The remote control does not have to be pointed directly at the manikin or SmartScope to operate. One remote control will operate multiple sets of SmartScopes and/or manikins simultaneously. Great for group instruction. Listen to the sounds by either using headpieces on SmartScope or by connecting to an amplifier/speaker (not included). Range on the unit is up to 100 feet of remote access.

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