Next Generation Geri Manikin

Everything you expect simulation should be…

The next generation, world-class geriatric simulator. This geriatric simulator establishes the new standard of functionality and reliability for advanced simulation-based education.

From the first touch, you will experience the revolutionary new skin that has the look and feel of silicone but without the “grab” that silicone has on IV catheters and other devices. Next Gen GERi is a 5 ft. 2″ tall, frail 80-year-old female. The simulator offers selective changes in range of motion in all limbs to demonstrate stroke and muscle contractions.

The Next Gen GERi is ideal for simulating falls. The simulator is fully positional and displays kyphosis of the spine. This can be further enhanced with the adjusted range of motion in the limbs impacting the management of blood pressure, fluids, and airways.