KOKEN Baby Boy / Girl

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This baby model is ideal for all kinds of training and guidance involving newborns.
A seamless configuration made of silicone rubber produces an extremely realistic touch and texture.
Bathing, full-body monitoring and measurement, diaper changes, suction, umbilical care, rectal temperature-taking, simple infant exercises and other
aspects of care can be practiced.


  • The KOKEN baby is made of special silicone rubber with the appearance and texture of real skin. It gives the trainee the sense of handling a real baby and is perfectly suited for learning infant handling.
  • A realistic structure has been reproduced that allows you to observe the new-born baby.
  • The seamless skin is absolutely waterproof.
  • The model has an anterior fontanel, a posterior fontanel, sagittal sutures, and coronal sutures.
  • The head is not fixed.
  • Flexible ears.
  • There is a space measuring 5 cm from the nasal cavity to the throat, and a space measuring 15 cm from the oral cavity to the stomach.
  • The shape of the mouth has been altered to enable the baby to suck nipples.
  • The model has a clavicle and sternum, making it possible to check for clavicle fractures.
  • The backbone can be located.
  • The arms and legs can be freely fixed and extended.
  • The umbilical cord is detachable.
  • The anal canal is 5 cm deep.
  • The quality of the silicone skin will not deteriorate with repeated bathing.
  • The scrotum includes testicles. (Only for Boy)
  • The baby girl model is provided with breastfeeding and urination functions.
    (Only for Girl)
  • The mouth shape makes it possible for the mouth to close around the nipple on the Breast Massage Model Type III, LM-045,so that breastfeeding guidance can be provided. (Only for Girl)

Practical Training

  1. Breastfeeding (Baby Girl only)
  2. Urination and handling of the urine collection pack (Baby Girl only)
  3. Bathing (securing of the neck, auricles of the ears, and the arms and legs)
  4. Full-body monitoring and measurement
  5. Simple physical exercises for infants
  6. Diapering techniques
  7. Insertion of a rectal thermometer
  8. Administration of enemas
  9. Umbilical cord care and monitoring and care of the umbilicus after the umbilical cord has been detached
  10. Insertion of a suction tube