KOKEN “Western Features” Baby

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Practices for bathing, overall observation and measurement, diaper changing, suction, umbilicus treatment, rectal thermometry, and simple infant exercise are available. By emphasizing crease at Baby’s body than the current Koken Baby, much more realistic appearance can be represented. Addition to this sternum and clavicle are structured, so measurement of clavicle length and confirmation of clavicle fracture can be practiced.


  • The KOKEN Baby is made of special silicone rubber with the appearance and texture of real skin. It gives the trainee the sense of handling a real baby and is perfectly suited for learning infant handling.
  • The seamless skin is absolutely waterproof.
  • Realistically designed anterior and posterior fontanel, sutura coronalis, and sutura sagittalis
  • The head is not fixed.
  • Flexible ears.
  • An oral opening runs from the oral cavity to the stomach with a length of 15 cm.
  • A nasal opening runs from the nostrils to the larynx with a length of 5 cm.
  • Arms and legs can be freely bent into any position.
  • The umbilical cord can be detached easily.
  • The scrotum includes testicles.
  • The anal canal is 5 cm deep.
  • The quality of the silicone skin will not deteriorate with repeated bathing.
  • Measurement of clavicle
  • Confirmation of clavicle fracture

Practical Training

  1. Handling of urine-collecting pack.
  2. Bathing (neck, ears and positioning of arms and legs).
  3. Overall observation and measurement of each part of the body (head, umbilicus, testicles, etc) .
  4. Uncomplicated physical exercises are possible.
  5. Use of diaper.
  6. Rectal thermometry.
  7. Intestinal irrigation.
  8. Treatment of umbilical cord and observation and treatment of umbilicus after removal.
  9. Suction: nose, oral cavity, stomach.
  10. Measurement of clavicle
  11. Confirmation of clavicle fracture