Teri Androgynous Geriatric Manikin

“Teri” is a comprehensive male/female elderly patient care trainer for medical simulation.  It evolved from our GERi full body manikin.  But Teri has a more realistic look and feel which more accurately represents the human anatomy. Its weight is distributed to represent a real patient for lifting and carrying.

Product Name TERiTM Androgynous Geriatric Trainer

Addresses Training
General capability carefully selected to support practice on:
– Essentials of Patient Care
– Movement Assistance and Fall Prevention
– Grooming and Daily Living Assistance
– Basic and Advanced Nursing Skills
– Cardiovascular and Respiratory Emergencies
Suitable for long-term facilities and emergency room training.

• Light or medium skin tones.
• Configurable to fit unique training needs and budgets.
• A range of accessories available that enhances the baseline
version maximizing versatility, training benefit and return on investment.

BP Arm – LF04304
Consumables • IV Arm
– Skins
– Veins Kit
– IM Pads
– Fluid Supply Bag
• IM Pads for Thighs and Buttocks
• Urinary Catheterization:
– Male Genitalia Foreskins
– Foley Catheter
– Urinary Catheterization Bladders
• Lung Bags
• Stomach Bags
• Stoma Bags
• Gastrostomy Bags
• Simulated Blood
• Lubricant

Product Code/SKU Geriatric Patient Care Trainer (Light) – LF04300
Geriatric Patient Skills Trainer (Light) – LF04301
Geriatric Patient Simulator (Light) – LF04302

Dimensions/Weight Dimensions: 5” feet
Ship Weight: 65lbs