Thermal Imaging Rescue Randy – 65 kg Manikin

Thermal Imaging Life-size Rescue manikin, operates unplugged for 45 minutes.  Great for training in the field and in smoke-filled environments.


The thermal imaging capability with TI Rescue Randy expands options for rescue training. Thermal imaging scanners are now able to see Randy at a distance of over 60cm (20 ft). Special heaters in the face and hands operate off of standard 110V or 220V power outlets and reach desired temperature in 15 minutes.  You can set the temperature you want on TI Rescue Randy and he will be visible on scanner for over 45 minutes unplugged. Ideal for rescue training in buildings or search and rescue in the field, Rescue Randy TI will stand out from the background thermal image.

Rescue Randy has been tested in smoke and steam-filled spaces for firefighting environments, providing realistic simulation for rescue and extraction training. In real world environments, the manikin is not likely to present with the entire body or torso exposed for easy heat signature definition, therefore, you should train with smaller presentations such as the head and hands.

Training with firefighters has shown the real value of TI Rescue Randy to deliver effective training with the life-size manikin presenting the same issues of a live incapacitated victim, during extraction . Even without a power supply, it can hold a realistic presentation effective for training with the thermal imager for over 45 minutes. Providing a wide range of applications such as military (training to fight main space fires, search and rescue) and police/corrections (training for escape and evasion scenarios, it is flexible enough to support training in the field or on location).